Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enough by @Coloradoperson

I spotted Enough fairly early in the contest and knew instantly that it would strike out from the rest. I was right. Two other judges (BettiGefecht and KitsuShel) also picked it as their personal favorite. For good reasons too.

Plainly put, it’s written brilliantly.

It’s a simple story of love where the two lovers come together before they are ready to be enough for each other. They drift away following separate paths. Life’s journey brings them back to each other again. Now they are older, wiser, and somewhat jaded. But most importantly, they have learned what’s truly important in life; their love. And that, in itself, is enough

I fell in love with the story for many reasons. I was really hardpressed to make a decision when I came across Unseeing and Believing. I couldn’t stand the idea of either story going unnoticed. I really wish I could pick two as my personal pick. But then I learned that I wasn’t the only one to spot this gem. How awesome was that!

I urge you to read Enough. Then come back and tell me if I am wrong.

Congratulations, coloradoperson! It’s been a pleasure reading your work. I wish you all the best in the future. 

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