Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Truly Anonymous Twilight One-Shot Picture and Prompt Contest

Just finished reading and scoring the stories for the TAT OS P&P contest (Phhew! Quite a mouthful, ha?). It was a bit overwhelming at first when the number of entries kept climbing. 97 submissions. Wow!

Some of the stories I’ve read are absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see how the public voting turns out. Which reminds me, it starts today (8 March, 2012). Check out the stories and vote for the one you think deserves it the most.

It’s been quite an experience for me. I always knew there are a lot of talented writers out there, but to actually get the chance to sample their work from such a large pool was something else completely.

Thank you, Belli486 and Ysar, for including me in this awesome project. You did a marvelous job organizing the whole thing. Kudos to you! And of course, thank you my fellow judges. It’s been an honor working with luminaries such as you.


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